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HORIZONS IS ABOUT MOVEMENT AND CHANGE: From waiting to leading...from talk to action...from poverty to prosperity...from a few to many...from despair to hope...from indifference to pride.

The Horizons program is about the changes a community can make to move from poverty to hope, from population and economic decline to prosperity. This initiative is for rural communities of fewer than 5,000 and with poverty rates of at least 10 percent. horizons 3 wheel

Open to all community members, Horizons focuses on practical strategies and tools. More specifically, it provides locally-delivered training, skill-building, and coaching to strengthen community leadership and civic engagement systems. Experience has shown that small communities can thrive if they have a strong leadership system.

Forty Washington communities have participated in Horizons since 2004. Nearly 300 communities have participated overall in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Washington State University Extension is proud to be one of seven delivery organizations of Horizons, and eight-state initiative of the Northwest Area Foundation.

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Horizons Happenings

last updated 9/10/10

Horizons is Making a Difference in Washington State!

Meet Susan Richardson from Kettle Falls, a Horizons 2 community. Hear what she has to

say about the impacts happening in her community.

Listen to Susan and other community members here



Horizons Webinar Series

September: Agri-Tourism/ Green-Tourism

September 28, 5:30pm Increase assets and wealth by connecting agriculture operations to alternative enterprise through tourism. Hosted by North Dakota State University Extension Sevice.


October: Family Asset Building

October 26, 5:30pm Increase family assets and wealth through Earned
Income Tax Credit, Individual Development Accounts,
529 Educational Plans, and Retirement Savings Plans. Hosted by Iowa State university Extension


Twenty Webinars bring the 2010 Grassroots and Groundwork Conference to you. They are FREE and easily assessible by visiting the "Break-Out Session" at

Grant extends efforts to reduce rural poverty

The efforts of 40 rural Wash-ington communities to help themselves reduce poverty and improve prosperity will receive a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation, based out of St. Paul, Minn. Read More...

Klickitat-Skamania Horizons Telecom-munications Committee: Broadening Broadband's Reach



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